🌟 Advanced Application Concepts: OZONOBARIC P incorporates the latest application concepts, ensuring a seamless and effective ozone therapy experience for your veterinary patients.

👜 Portability at its Best: With its lightweight design, OZONOBARIC P is remarkably easy to carry, allowing you to bring the benefits of ozone therapy wherever your veterinary practice takes you.

🔬 Dual Concentrations Measuring System: Benefit from a unique dual concentrations measuring system featuring both photometric and ACM technologies. This ensures precise and accurate ozone concentrations tailored to your specific veterinary applications.

🛡️ Cross-Contamination Prevention: OZONOBARIC P is equipped with a double non-organic catalyzer system, offering an extra layer of protection against cross contaminations. Your patients' safety is our top priority.

❄️ Coaxial Cooling for Optimal Performance: The high-frequency generator with coaxial cooling ensures efficient and reliable operation, guaranteeing the longevity of your OZONOBARIC P device.

💉 Tailored Treatment Options: Enjoy the flexibility of major autohemotherapy with dosage priority, bagging therapy in open and closed operation modes, syringe automatic size detection, and a fully isolated vacuum system. OZONOBARIC P empowers you to provide customized treatments for a variety of veterinary conditions.

🌐 Versatile and Convenient: Operate OZONOBARIC P anywhere with ease, thanks to its low power consumption. Whether you're in the clinic or on the go, this device is suitable for both Human and Veterinary Medicine, offering versatility like never before.

Elevate your veterinary practice with OZONOBARIC P – the ultimate solution for advanced and effective ozone therapy. Invest in the future of veterinary care and experience the unmatched capabilities of OZONOBARIC P today!

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