Teleradiology and AI Quick Reads

Quick turnaround radiology evaluations, powered by artificial intelligence

Vet-Ray’s AI radiology service gives you the fastest full-body radiograph evaluations

Vet-Ray’s AI is artificial intelligence built on thousands of companion animal cases. 

Your digital images are quickly analyzed, and evaluations are sent to you in under five minutes. 

The results? Fewer treatment delays. Increased confidence. Improved patient care and client satisfaction.

Includes a free positioning validator to ensure best imaging, unlimited DICOM storage and our image-match research tool to compare your image to thousands of similar cases. Full radiology consultations are also available with 24-hour turnaround.

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The role of Virtual Teleradiology for every Veterinary Facility.

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Interpreting Radiographs with AI Teleradiology

4 Benefits to Expect

with Teleradiology

Quick evaluations

Abdomen and thoracic AI reports in under five minutes. Full-body image matching anytime.



Faster decisions

Use Vet-Ray’s AI to analyze digital images or to confirm your analysis and treatment plan.

Accurate reports

Vet-Ray’s AI reports have a 92% agreement rate with board certified radiologist overreads.



Optional teleradiology add-ons

Submit any report for personal radiology review.

AI can play an important role interpreting radiographs.

How reliable is it?

Like any other technology in good science, you need independent validations. And you need learning processes that continually get incorporated back into the technology.

The technology AI has implemented those processes daily. We have cases that boarded radiologists interpret, and then incorporate back into the software process, as well as hearing from our clinics and DBMS that are using the software and their feedback, which gets incorporated into the process.

Probably the most important thing that we do is have independent nonprofit and academic environments, continuing conduct research assignments with the software and validate the results. The most recent published study was with Animal Medical Center in New York, and the ACVR Journal of Medicine, which looked at the CPE cases for canine thoracic, and nine out of the 10 cases.

You can feel confident with AI software.

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