Service & Support

Support Files:
VetRay Tech Support Access (TeamViewer)
Sedecal Digital SYSINFO
Sedecal Digital System Registration
VPN Adaptor Re-Install
COM Port enabler (installer)
VetRay SYSLog Client
RealVNC Server
RealVNC Viewer
VetRay Tech Webinar Quick Connect (TeamViewer)

QXLink Files:
QXLink Server v2.0.0.0
QXLink Viewer v2.0.0.6 US Version
QXLink Viewer v2.0.1.3b NZ Version
QXLink Viewer AutoLogin
QXLink Server and Viewer Installation Manual
QXLink Viewer 2.0 Manual
QXLink Viewer

QXvue Files:
USB Grabber Driver
QXR Service Manual for veterinary use
QXvue(v1.1.1.x) User Manual for veterinary use
QXvue Dicom Conformance Statement for veterinary use
TFlatXR Service Manual
ViVIX-S Operation Guide
PerformingPhysician Fix

MAXXvue Files:
USB Grabber Driver
MAXXray Service Manual
MAXXvue(v2.1.1.x) User Manual for veterinary use
MAXXvue Dicom Conformance Statement for veterinary use
PerformingPhysician Fix

EPX Files:
Canon NE 1.4 Operation Manual
Canon NE 2.02 Operation Manual
Canon NE 2.02 Installer

Sirius Files:
Digital Vet IDC Calibration Assistant
HASP User Setup
Digital Vet IDC APR and Parameter version 8 (for Sirius 1.6.153)

Driver Files:
NVIDIA Quadro NVS Drivers
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager 8.7
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager 8.9
Touch Screen Drivers (UPDD)
Touch Screen Drivers (ELO) - 3 wire fix

Digital Quick Guide
14x17 vs 12x16 Comparison DICOM files (with viewer)
DX-16, DX-9 & DX-6 Comparison DICOM files
Mac OS X DICOM Viewer
VetRay Tech Support Access for Mac (TeamViewer)
VetRay CR Example Images
VetRay Toshiba Flat Panel Example Images
Canon NE v1.4 Operation Manual
12x16 Example DICOM Images (with viewer)
ViVIX Demo Images (with viewer)
DX-C Canon NE Images (with viewer)
DX-C Canon NE Equine Images (with viewer)
CStafford Images
Dealer Downloads