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Agility Surgical Arm

  • Small form factor is easy to maneuver in Surgery
  • Simple and easy to use interface allows acquisition by selecting a patient and a body part

Digital Compact Vet

The system to turn to when space is an issue… from head to tail the Compact Vet covers it all. The Compact Vet is a budget sensitive, flexible and proven table design.   You can upgrade the Compact Vet to Digital simply by picking the tethered or wireless flat panel digital detector size that fits your needs: 14 x 17 (Canon or Vivix) or 17x17 Vivix.

Digital Dental Sensor

VetRay’s exclusive Positioner and Bisecting angle guide protects cable and sensor from bites. The Digital Dental Sensor integrates CMOS technology for Veterinary Application. Tapered corners make positioning easier for you and safer for your patient.


Diagnostics in motion Dual modalities in a single solution

Ozonobaric P

Introducing OZONOBARIC P: Revolutionizing Ozone Therapy for Veterinarians! Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with the OZONOBARIC P, the most advanced Medical Ozone Generator designed exclusively for veterinary applications. This state-of-the-art device is redefining ozone therapy, offering unparalleled features to enhance your practice.
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