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Digital Elevet

  • 17" Single touch II console
  • Variable SID for table top and cassette tray imaging
  • Rotating tube head
  • X-ray tube rotor brake
  • 4 Way float top table - 5ft standard

Dragon Portable

Works with any Film, CR or auto trigger DR system
  • 4kW or 8kW
  • 2 point techniques
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The new Multivet system covers the three main imaging procedures required by small animals. RAD (2D static X-ray)+ CT (3D tomographic X-ray) and DynamiXR (Squence of X-ray images in real time).

Nova OTC

OTC with Elevating Table custom designed to fit your room requirements.

Premium Vet - Analog

The premium choice in veterinary specific x-ray. All the features of the Standard Vet plus horizontal beam/cross table and off table imaging.
  • 32kW/400mA Compact HF Generator
  • Hands Free Collimator light control
  • Variable SID for table top and cassette tray imaging
  • Rotating Tube Head and collimator
  • X-ray tube Rotor Brake
  • 4 Way Float Top Table - 5ft Standard
  • 208/230/240 VAC Single Phase

VetRay Cloud

VetRay Cloud is a remote web based storage that provides you with the ability to view and share studies and images. You can view studies and images on any web enabled device (PC, Mac, Smart phone or Tablet) using any browser. With VetRay Cloud, you have a second back up of your studies and have the ability to email to a client or specialist for their viewing.
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