Goodbye Siloed Scans. Cloud-Based Sharing for Faster Veterinary Diagnoses

Vet-Ray Cloud offers a powerful advantage for veterinarians by making X-ray images readily available through a web-based platform. 

This translates to “view, email, and share images” with incredible ease and efficiency.

Cloud-based image access benefits veterinary practices and fosters better patient compliance.

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency and accessibility in veterinary care lead to faster diagnoses, better use of vet time, and happier pet parents.

Patient Compliance

Patient compliance in veterinary care translates to better treatment outcomes and a healthier pet.

Compliance Advantages

Cloud-based radiology software ensures secure data storage and access, fostering trust and compliance with patient privacy regulations.

The Future of Pet Diagnostics is Here with AI

AI-powered X-Ray Reading for Faster, More Confident Decisions

Second Opinions Made Simple

Teleradiology Brings Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

Enhanced Diagnostics

Traditional methods involve sending physical X-rays to radiologists, leading to delays in diagnosis.

Teleradiology allows veterinarians to upload images instantly, enabling rapid interpretation by specialists, often within the same day.

Reduced stress & Increased compliance

Traditional X-rays often require sedation or additional handling of the animal. Teleradiology eliminates the need for repeat X-rays, minimizing stress and discomfort for the pet.

Having a definitive diagnosis quickly can lead to a smoother treatment plan for the pet.


Teleradiology eliminates the expense of maintaining in-house radiology equipment and staff.

It also reduces the need for repeat X-rays due to lost films or poor quality.

Scalability & Disaster preparedness

Cloud storage can accommodate a growing number of patient images without requiring additional physical space in the clinic.

In case of a physical disaster, cloud-based images are safe and accessible from anywhere.

Beyond the Film

How in-house PACS Optimizes Veterinary Imaging for the Digital Age

Finding X-rays and ultrasounds is a breeze

No more digging through folders or misplaced CDs. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) stores all your veterinary images digitally, allowing instant retrieval by pet, date, or type of image.

Workflow gets streamlined

PACS integrates with your existing practice management software. Say goodbye to double data entry and wasted time. Reports and images are automatically linked, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Say goodbye to lost or damaged films

PACS safeguards your valuable imaging data. Digital storage eliminates the risk of physical films getting lost, scratched, or damaged.

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