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You work long hours.
All day imaging, no matter how long your day is…

• Over 12 Hours of imaging time!
• Operates as a notebook or tablet
• Easy to carry briefcase design
• Glove friendly touch screen and full keyboard

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When we say wireless, we mean NO wires! Unique power case – for in vehicle and office charging.

• PACS workstation included as “standard”. • Best warranty in the industry.
• No service contracts!
• No “hidden costs”!

You work on hot and cold days

• Ruggedized Detector (-20 to +50 C) • Movable handle for easy positioning

Everything you need

  • Easy carry
  • Tablet portability
  • Full size keyboard
  • Dust & Water Proof
  • Works with gloves
  • Extreme Temperature
  • 12+ hours battery life
  • No wires
  • In vehicle charge
  • No service contracts
  • Light weight


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