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My Vet Cloud is a remote web based storage that provides you with the ability to view and share studies and images.

You can view studies and images on any web enabled device (PC, Mac, Smart phone or Tablet) using any browser. With My Vet Cloud, you have a second back up of your studies and have the ability to email to a client or specialist for their viewing.

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What is the Cloud?

A remote web based storage service that provides you with the ability to store, view and share all digital images. No technical expertise or networking knowledge is required. If you can check your email you can view and send.

What does it cost?

A single study or send (Whole body X-ray, Dental X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI or Fluoroscopy) is only $3.00 per study. (A study can be a single view or multiple views)

How can I view the images remotely?

You can access all your studies, go to and log on using your registered username and password. You can then view or share studies and images from anywhere in the world.

Why would I want to use My Vet Cloud?

Safety and security of your studies with flexible on site and remote access viewing. No more legacy? issues with software or hardware to maintain. Always the latest viewer updates every time you log on. If you can access the web, on any device, you can view your studies and images.

What are the “fine details”?

What is a study or send – A Radiology exam can have any number of images per study or send. It can be a simple 1or2 view to a large barium study. One send is considered one study. This even covers A Digital Dental study, Ultrasound, MRI, CT or Fluoroscopy exam.

Storable format – DICOM

Remote viewing options – Unlimited viewing destinations, requires no locally loaded software a true “Zero footprint” software.

Disaster recovery – Thru an external USB Hard drive (Customer supplies to Sedecal USA)

Image ownership – End user, no fee for returning images at any time. (Customer supplied Ext. USB HD to Sedecal USA) If you wish to migrate any of your existing images from another Cloud based storage provider, a one-time transfer fee of $650.00 for less than 1 TB of data or $1,200.00 if more than a 1 TB of data. Images would have to be supplied by an external USB Hard Drive supplied to Sedecal USA.

Internet connection is the responsibility of each facility.

We still recommend an on-site or local PACS.


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