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The new Multivet system covers the three main imaging procedures required by small animals.

RAD (2D static X-ray)+ CT (3D tomographic X-ray) and DynamiXR (Squence of X-ray images in real time).

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RAD + DynamiXR + CT
3 Systems in One

The compact foot print allows the system to be easily located in any veterinary clinic.

The most outstanding feature of this system is the powerful X-ray generator and X-ray tube which allows the performance or three modalities, producing excellent image quality.

Multimodality system: 2D, 3D and Dynamic in a single device

Wide CT FOV (17’’x17’’) to cover any kind of animal body sizes.

Powerful X ray output ( 32 kW)

Dynamic X-ray studies with high speed fps.

Elevating table for easy patient positioning

Lateral weight bearing exposures.

Fast stitching for trauma studies.

Compact foot print to fit in small rooms.

Single phase line and low electrical requirements.


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