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The Basic Vet provides you with the best user interface – the Single Touch TS 15” console complete with patient log.

If you chose to upgrade the Basic Vet to a Fully Integrated Digital system, you will also be upgraded to the Single Touch II 17” Console – All the user functions and acquired image are displayed conveniently on the “Heads Up Display”

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The system to turn to when space is an issue… from head to tail,
the Basic Vet covers it all!

The Basic Vet is a budget sensitive, flexible and proven table design. With a Variable SID, the Basic Vet provides the flexibility you want and need for a variety of exams and patient positions including horizontal beam/cross table exams, weight bearing, and oblique.

You can upgrade the Basic Vet to Digital simply by picking the Flat Panel Digital Detector size you wish: 14 x 17 (Canon or VIVIX HD) or 17 x 17 VIVIX HD

The Basic Vet S1BV-32 is the first Vet-Ray table to utilize an elevated rear track slide to facilitate vertical and horizontal variable tube travel with Bucky coverage from cranial to rear extremities, giving total viewing without needing to move the patient and able to fit into a limited space.
The table top is a Fixed 53” x 24” (total space needed 58” x 28”) offering one of the smallest table top and system foot prints available.

Compact High Frequency Generator
The state of the art, solid state ultra-compact High Frequency X-ray generator is small enough to fit inside the table base. The standard X-ray generator is a 32kW, 400 mA, 125 kVp and 500 mAs Single Phase 240VAC. There are many optional kW ratings of X-ray generator options including 3 phase 208 VAC and 480 VAC.

Warranty on X-ray System
Standard 5 year parts warranty on the complete x-ray system. 1 Year labor if installed by Sedecal USA.

You can upgrade the Basic Vet with either one of the High Quality VIVIX HD or Canon 501 Series Digital Panels.

Additional information

Digital Upgrade

• Digital Detector, upgrade Single Touch II monitor to 17” • Acquisition Computer and wall mount • 2mp high resolution 24” monitor • PACS software and PACS PC workstation with 24” monitor • 10 viewing licenses for in house PCs with VIVIX and unlimited with Canon


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