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Portable Generator

Power and portability not previously available
  • 4kW or 8kW
  • 2 point techniques

STX - Analog

STX Series allows you to build the system you need. The STX series is an extremely flexible option for the exotic, small animal and mixed animal practices as the most cost effective Radiology solution. When space is limited, STX fits! The STX-100 is a perfect size, fully functional table allowing you to use your existing portable X-ray generator and Digital system. Or you can add the power you need with either a 4 kW or 8 kW X-ray generator

WEPX 2.0

Maximum imaging use time and a larger detector means you can do much more every day You work long hours. All day imaging, no matter how long your day is… • Over 12 Hours of imaging time! • Operates as a notebook or tablet • Easy to carry briefcase design • Glove friendly touch screen
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