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Digital Compact Vet

The system to turn to when space is an issue… from head to tail the Compact Vet covers it all. The Compact Vet is a budget sensitive, flexible and proven table design.   You can upgrade the Compact Vet to Digital simply by picking the tethered or wireless flat panel digital detector size that fits your needs: 14 x 17 (Canon or Vivix) or 17x17 Vivix.

Digital DX-V

The Vivix 17 x 17 Detector provides the largest coverage area. Ideal for imaging large breeds with no need to stop and rotate, simply position and expose. The Vivix 14 x 17 Detector is removable, rotatable and when used with the Premium Vet system it can be used for horizontal beam, weight bearing, oblique and cross table exams.

Digital Elevet

  • 17" Single touch II console
  • Variable SID for table top and cassette tray imaging
  • Rotating tube head
  • X-ray tube rotor brake
  • 4 Way float top table - 5ft standard

Digital Premium Vet

The premium choice in veterinary specific x-ray. All the features of the Standard Vet plus horizontal beam/cross table and off table imaging.
  • 32kW/400mA Compact HF Generator
  • Hands Free Collimator light control
  • Variable SID for table top and cassette tray imaging
  • Rotating Tube Head and collimator
  • X-ray tube Rotor Brake
  • 4 Way Float Top Table - 5ft Standard
  • 208/230/240 VAC Single Phase

Digital Vet SDX

SDX Digital Budget Conscious Digital X-Ray APR Programming eliminates technique charts. Simple as 1,2,3 expose.

Digital X-Ray Upgrade

Upgrade your current X-ray table to Digital and you will get more than just Digital Images. You will be upgraded to a fully integrated system with your existing 6 HGH X-ray generator DQ and new acquisition PC. With your choice of either detector, 17” x 17” or 14” x 17” and we will also include upgrading your membrane console to the NEW 17" Single Touch II Monitor System.

FUR System - Flexible Use Radiology

FUR System - Flexible Use Radiology   Busy companion or mixed animal practice, the FUR system is your solution for Radiology. The FUR system allows radiographic imaging anywhere within your facility. You can Image in Radiology, Surgery, Trauma, Treatment, the Exam rooms and even the Parking lot if needed.   FUR 1 The FUR-1 is a cost effective solution with 1 Detector that can float between Radiology and any other area i.e Surgery. The innovative ICX cart will travel with the detector to provide imaging where you need it and when you need it.   FUR 2 The FUR-2 provides you with simultaneous imaging capacity. With a dedicated traditional Radiology room and the innovative ICX cart and a dedicated panel, you are set for those busy times.

ICX Cart

Conduct X-ray exams where and when you need them.   In Clinic X-ray solution Your practice is fast paced and may need X-ray imaging in Surgery, Trauma, Treatment and even out in the parking lot. Now there is a solution. With our ICX cart, conduct X-ray exams where and when you need them.   We can build the solution that fits your need.   You chose the Digital detector that works best with your practice.
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