Digital Veterinary X-Ray

Our Vet-Ray Technology line of radiology products are designed to work with the wide variety of species you care for today.

See Vet-Ray Technology in action.

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Basic Vet

Smaller Footprint

Digital Vet SDX

Cost Effective

Standard Vet X-Ray

The Digital Standard

Digital Vet DX-V

Easiest Workflow

Premium Vet X-Ray

Most flexible in-clinic option

Featured Digital Vet X-Ray

Digital X-Ray Products

Portable & Mobile X-Ray Solutions

Maximum imaging use time and a larger detector means you can do much more every day

The WEPX-V10 gives you the flexibility you need in a fieldsystem

Is the original portable Digital X-ray system that started it all

The WEPX-2 expands your capabilities

Power and portability not previously available

Works with any Film, CR or auto trigger DR system

The power you need to image any size patient

The power you need to image large patients

Overhead Tube Crane X-Ray Solutions

The power you need to image
any size patient

Overhead Tube Crane with elevating table

Veterinary Dental X-Ray​

Powerful, flexible dental x-ray

Radiography Reads in Minutes.

With our integrated AI Technology

Veterinary teleradiology and quick reads.